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Creating a slideshow sounds difficult but once you have collected the pictures, we'll do the rest. All you have to do is submit your pictures and song requests to us and we'll take it from there!

Milestones and Memories makes it easy. Just send us your pictures, mp3's, videos, and any text you want and we'll create a beautiful keepsake your whole family will enjoy for years to come. You can upload your files with our transfer service on our upload page, send them to us in the mail, or deliver them to our place of business. We promise to take care of your pictures as we care for our's.

I couldn't believe how easy it was! We were so stressed out when my grandfather died unexpectedly and Kris came through! He created a beautiful memorial slideshow and emailed it to me in less than 12 hours. We were able to play the slideshow from a thumb drive into a tv at the funeral home. It was beautiful and something my family will treasure forever. Thank you Kris!


What is a slideshow?
A slideshow is a when motion, music, and captions are added to photographs and then blended together with transitions.

What are motions and transitions?
Motions are the movements of the photograph. Images can move any direction and they can zoom in and out as well. Transitions are the way one photograph blends into the next. We use only high quality motions and transitions in our slideshow DVDs.

How long will my slideshow be?
The length of your slideshow is generally determined by the slideshow package you ordered and the number of songs your package includes. Your DVD may contain 25 to 100 pictures. If you'd like to add more, just let us know and we'll be happy to provide a quote for you.

Will my DVD be compatible with all DVD players?
We use the popular DVD-R media, which is supported by nearly all DVD players attached to televisions or computers in the United States. Our DVDs follow the NTSC video standard.

Can I order more copies at a later date?
Yes. We will always have a backup of your DVD for future orders or emergencies. Extra copies are just $15.00.

What kind of payments do you accept?
We accept credit cards on Paypal as well as checks, money orders, or cash.

Can I use pictures I did not take on my DVD?
We recommend using images with permission only.

Can I deliver my photographs to you?
Yes. You can call us ahead to set up a delivery time.

Do you accept photos and music on DVD, CD and Flash drives?
Yes. We have a variety of delivery options including DVD, CD, Flash drive, emailing, and uploading images, music and video files.

How do I upload my photos?
To upload your images, videos, and/or music, go to our upload page and drag your files to our upload box. You will then receive further instructions to quickly upload your files.

How big should my files be?
For pictures, we recommend they are scanned at 300dpi. This will insure a quality scan and a clearer picture in your slideshow.

Can my pictures be placed in a particuar order?
Yes. Just number your pictures accordingly. 001, 002, 003, etc.

How can I contact you?
You can reach us via phone or email. Click here to send us an email.